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From Extraction to Production

2021-12-07 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

Industrious Capsuleers,

The New Dawn Quadrant is in full swing, and an across-the-board update to all areas of New Eden’s most vital profession is live now! The changes included in this release were first announced in the From Extraction to Production feedback blog, and a number of features have received iteration following testing and feedback – all of which you can catch up on in the From Extraction to Production: Update thread on the forums. Dig in and ready yourself to stake your claim in the material riches of New Eden!

All mining ships have received significant rebalances. Mining barges and exhumers have been given major buffs to survivability and mining yield. The Orca can now fit new Large Industrial Core modules, covering much of its previous mining capabilities while greatly enhancing its ability to bolster fleetmates’ yield, and the Rorqual has been brought into balance with the rest of EVE’s mining ships – revising its newly renamed Capital Industrial Core modules to increase the effectiveness of boosts while still providing an appreciable mining yield. The original changes announced for the Venture, Prospect, and Endurance have been reverted after consideration of feedback, retaining the flexible and well-established part they already play in New Eden’s varying professions.


Capital Industrial Skill Bonuses (Per Level)PreviousNew
Drone Ice Harvesting Cycle Time-10%-6%
*Retains 10% bonus to Drone Ore Mining yield
Capital Industrial CorePreviousNew
Power Grid50,000100,000
Drone Maximum Velocity Bonus25%30%
Drone Ore Mining Yield Bonus400%170%
Command and Mining Foreman Burst Range Bonus150%200%
Capital Industrial Core IIPreviousNew
Power Grid55,000150,000
Drone Maximum Velocity Bonus30%35%
Drone Ore Mining Yield Bonus500%300%
Drone Ice Harvesting Cycle Time-80%-85%
Mining Foreman Burst Strength Bonus36%40%
Command and Mining Foreman Burst Range Bonus200%250%


Industrial Command Skill Bonuses (Per Level)PreviousNew
Drone Ice Harvesting Cycle Time-10%-2%
*Retains 10% bonus to Drone Ore Mining Yield
Role BonusesPreviousNew
Drone Ore Mining Yield100%-
Drone Ice Harvesting Cycle Time-25%-
Large Industrial CoreTech ITech II
Power Grid100150
Max Velocity-100%-100%
Drone Damage40%50%
Drone HP40%50%
Drone Maximum Velocity Bonus10%12.5%
Drone Ore Mining Yield Bonus25%75%
Drone Ice Harvesting Speed Bonus-25%-50%
Mining Foreman Burst Strength Bonus10%15%
Command and Mining Foreman Burst Range Bonus75%100%
Remote Repair Impedance Bonus-100%-100%
Shield Booster Duration Bonus-30%-30%
Sensor Dampener Resistance Bonus-75%-80%
Remote Assistance Impedance Bonus-80%-80%
Shield Booster Amount Bonus20%30%
ECM Resistance100%100%
Activation Duration150 sec.150 sec.
Consumption Quantity250500

Harvestable resources of every variety have been doubled across the board, from asteroid belts, to ice, to gas sites, to moon extractions – bringing players more opportunity than ever before to carve out their own bountiful destiny among the stars. Additionally, all standard Ore Reprocessing skills (not including Moon Ore Reprocessing) have been condensed into just new skills, covering the six new “tiers” all non-moon ore has been reorganized into, streamlining the processing stages of the industries that fuel New Eden – with the previous reprocessing skills’ Skill Points and ISK cost being refunded for each character who has them trained. The new tiers are as follows:

  • Simple Ores - Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres, Plagioclase
  • Coherent Ores - Omber, Kernite, Jaspet, Hemorphite, Hedbergite
  • Variegated Ores - Gneiss, Ochre, Crokite
  • Complex Ores - Bistot, Arkonor, Spodumain
  • Abyssal Ores - Talassonite, Rakovene, Bezdnacine
  • Mercoxit - Mercoxit

Mining crystals, used by modulated mining modules, have also been completely revamped – with Tech I and II crystals for each of the new tiers, including Abyssal Ores! Each of these tiered crystals, along with the existing tiered moon ore mining crystals, have three separate variants – providing the new standard increased yield with normal “residue” probability (Type A), further increased yield with more risk of residue (Type B), or negligible yield eroding away enormous quantities of resources (Type C), enabling new styles of aggressive gameplay!

Mining residue is a new mechanic that adds a chance of destroying a unit of a resource from the source itself (never decreasing your actual yield each cycle) to every module and drone capable of gathering ore, ice, or gas – creating a new dynamic which, combined with doubled resources across the entire game, provides a net increase in total gathered resources while simultaneously setting the stage for more dynamic resource distribution mechanics in the future. The original formula for this new aspect of industry has been updated following player feedback and testing, providing an intuitive and fair pattern for what kinds of modules and drones have lower or higher chances of producing residue:

Lastly, in-development plans for a compression revamp, heavily involving the Orca and Rorqual, have been delayed into early 2022 in order for all changes to be thoroughly evaluated and for the resulting features to be a positive and engaging gameplay experience. Until then, compression will continue to operate as it does currently.

We’d like to thank the passionate EVE community as a whole for the wealth of valuable feedback that’s informed the revisions and considerations made for these changes, as well as for all the updates yet to come. We’re eager to listen, and we’re determined to bring you the most needed improvements to New Eden’s industrial landscape in their best possible form as the New Dawn Quadrant marches on, laying the groundwork for a prosperous and ever-thriving future as EVE Online approaches its third decade – so set out and stake your claim, and we’ll see you in space!

Go here to find the extensive patch notes.