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Oiritsuu Meets With Okalala, Boosts Minedrill CEO's Profile

2009-04-09 - 发布者 Svarthol

Korama - Haatakan_Oiritsuu, special envoy for State Executor Tibus Heth, paid a visit to the Sela constellation yesterday. While the official purpose of her visit was to tour a number of stations belonging to Kaalakiota and its subsidiaries, she took time from her schedule to meet with Minedrill CEO and Ishukone CEO contender Soisonen Okalala at his headquarters around Korama VI._

According to Minedrill spokesman Etsen Kazorose, the two discussed a number of topics, including the occupation of Caldari Prime, and Mr. Okalala's future plans for his company. “Minedrill has been greatly honored by Ms. Oiritsuu's visit, and Mr. Okalala looks forward to working more closely with both Kaalakiota and the Caldari Providence Directorate in the future,” he told reporters.

No other corporate CEO outside the patriot bloc has received such a high-profile visit from someone so close to the Executor in months. As a result, some observers have wondered aloud whether it was Ishukone's declining fortunes and their potential effect on the greater Caldari economic recovery that prompted the visit, or if it was simply a case of the Executor showing who he favors. "If we see Oiritsuu paying a visit to Ishukone Watch headquarters in the near future," said Games of State host Shiomiken Savalenta on her most recent program, "we'll know the Directorate is starting to realize how bad this situation really is."