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Ewareness for DeBuff-alo Soldiers

2012-04-18 - 작성자 CCP karkur

Hi everyone,

I wrote my first devblog a few weeks ago and you were all so nice that I figured I should write another one... plus I actually have stuff to tell you about.

I think we have all been webified or ewared in one way or another. To be honest, the whole thing is very confusing for a noob like me. I have lost a few ships because I had no idea that I was being warp scrambled and when I finally realized it and tried to find the attacker in the overview, it was too late. I'm sure some of you more experienced players have also had problems finding who the heck was ewaring you.

This is pretty important information and it shouldn't only be available in the overview (that is if you are lucky enough to have your attacker in the overview) and therefore we are bringing you the first implementation of the Effects Bar in the upcoming Escalation release.

This bar is right above your ship controls (or below them if you have them aligned to top) and it puts all the ewar information in one place. It consists of the 8 different icons you know and love from the overview but each icon is only visible when the particular ewar effect it represents is being applied to you.

When you mouse over an icon, you will get information on who is attacking you with that effect, with how many modules and what kind of ships they are flying. If you happen to have more than 6 people using the same ewar effect on you, the hint displays 6 of them and tells you how many more there are.

And if you want to attack them back, just right click the icon, find the dude you hate the most in the list and target him or her back!

If you happen to like the 16x16 ewar icons in the overview then don't worry; they are not going anywhere :)

We hope you like this new feature, and please let us know what you think.  Here is how it works:

That’s it for me for now. Fly safe!

  • CCP karkur

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