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15% Off Omega at the New Eden Store

2022-03-04 - By EVE Online Team

Devoted Capsuleers,

Now is the perfect time to top up on some Omega, with 15% off both 1 month and 12 month’s supply at the New Eden Store. The deal lasts until 11:00 UTC on 6 March, so don’t miss out!

Omega already offers remarkable value, letting you unlock access to advanced skills, as well as double skill training speed, the full contracts system of trading, and more. Omega pilots also get to pilot a wide range of many of EVE’s most popular and powerful ships. Add a 15% discount, and you’re getting some of the best value seen across the star cluster.

Meanwhile, if you’re a new player, Omega provides a kickstart to your early journey into New Eden, giving you a chance to taste the full EVE experience. And with the update to the New Player Experience adding a mysterious mining adventure on 8 March, there’s never been a better time to begin your EVE adventure. The new mining expedition provides a story-driven introduction to all things mining, letting you taste the life of an industrialist in New Eden. And as any miner will tell you, Omega lets you get the most out of a life in industry!

Finally, in case you weren’t aware, the coming update is part of the ongoing Road to Fanfest. There’s a lot going on in New Eden in the coming days and weeks, and Omega will let you make the most of everything underway.