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Amarr Championships: Weekend Two Begins on Saturday

2015-11-13 - By CCP Logibro

Hello champions and capsuleers alike!

The rules for the second weekend of the Amarr Championships have been released, and can be found on the forums in the EVE Alliance Tournament Section. The rules released cover both the second and third days of the tournament on Saturday, November 14 and Sunday, November 15. If you are competing, make sure you read them so you know what you can fly.

We also have the list of the capsuleers that bravely fought their way through the first round to become the Champions of their houses. They are:

Ardishapur - SoulLess Zealot
Kador - Ithica Hawk
Khanid - Damassys Kadesh
Kor-Azor - Lysus
Sarum - Mitara Newelle
Tash-Murkon - Kelon Darklight

If you've missed any of the news about the Amarr Championships, you can find the announcement here and the general rules and schedule here. If you want to know more information on who the various heirs are, you should check out this Interstellar Correspondents article.

We hope you are ready for the second weekend of action, as the now crowned champions fight to determine who will go to Fanfest to compete in the finals. The Empire certainly is. Day 2 starts at 14:45 UTC on Saturday November 14 live on CCP's Twitch channel, with Day 3 continuing on Sunday November 15 at 14:45 UTC.