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Bei relief effort draws to a close

2005-10-18 - By Svarthol

Earlier this evening/(Last night - if published tomorrow) the ERE's relief efforts drew to a close as the final shipment of aid supplies reached the Bei system unhindered.

Over the past month, the Eve Relief Effort corporation have been working tirelessly to provide aid to those suffering throughout Bei; a quiet system that sits on the edge of the Metropolis region of Minmatar space.

Karl Newton, the corporation's CEO had the following to say: "With this last shipment of aid supplies, I feel that we have done all we can for the residents of Bei. I would like to thank the charitable souls who's assistance was invaluable. To the countless pod pilots who helped with the shipments, you have my gratitude."

When quizzed about the future of the ERE, Mr. Newton responded: "People all over the galaxy need our help. From localized flooding to global holocaust, tragedy strikes all over. We're going to do what we can to alleviate the suffering."

Armed with an Obelisk class freighter, awarded to them by the Gallente Federation, and a steely constitution, I'm confident we haven't heard the last of the Eve Relief Effort.