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Bonus Skill Point Weekend Starts Tomorrow!

2020-01-23 - By CCP Dopamine

Skilled Capsuleers,

Bonus Skill Point Weekend is returning between 24 and 27 January 2020, with massive Skill Point rewards for both Alpha and Omega Clone State pilots! Log in daily to claim thousands of Skill Points that you can use to boost your training, honing combat skills that are great for the Fight or Flight Quadrant events.

As long as you make sure to log in every day during Bonus Skill Point Weekend, as an Alpha you can get up to 75,000 Skill Points, and Omegas will get both their own and the Alpha rewards, meaning a whopping 250,000 Skill Points total! Perfect for training those Triglavian skills and piloting the fearsome new Zirnitra Dreadnought.

If that isn’t enough to quench your thirst for Skill Points, then you’’ll be thrilled to hear that due to popular demand, the Skilling Spree will also be returning to New Eden! From 28 January to 2 March, pilots will receive one of three randomly selected challenges that offer either 10k, 25k, or a whopping 50k Skill Points as a reward for destroying NPC vessels.

Pilots will be rewarded upon completing the challenge, and a new one will be offered to them at the next daily downtime. If the challenge is not completed successfully, it will be replaced by another randomly selected challenge during the next daily downtime at 11:00 UTC.


Here are some clarifications for the Bonus Skill Point event:

  • Pilots can claim one reward (consisting of both one Alpha and one Omega reward depending on clone status) per day.
  • New Eden counts days from downtime to downtime. Rewards refresh at 11:00 UTC each day.
  • The day one reward is the first that a player can claim, regardless of which day of the event they claim it on. They then claim the day two reward the next day, and so on.
  • One set of rewards is available for every account in game.
  • One set of rewards is only available for Omega accounts - claiming this reward gives both the Alpha and Omega reward for that day.
  • Should an Alpha account upgrade to Omega at any point during the event, they will receive all Omega rewards retroactively for the days that they have claimed in the event so far.


To claim your Skill Points, all you need to do is log in to EVE Online and follow these simple instructions on the character selection screen:

  • Click "Claim All" at the bottom of the highlighted day in the Daily Login Campaigns window.
  • You will then receive a confirmation that you've claimed the day's Skill Points.
  • You'll now see a "Redeemable Items" bar at the bottom of the screen, click it to expand it.
  • Your Skill Points are right there, simply drag and drop them onto the character you'd like to use them on. As you drag and drop the Skill Points, you'll receive a confirmation that tells you they have been delivered to your character's unallocated Skill Point queue.