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BREAKING: Bloody Hands of Matar claims responsibility for Pashanai explosion

2010-03-25 - By Svarthol

Pashanai - The Bloody Hands of Matar, one of the most notorious terrorist organizations in New Eden, has come forward to claim responsibility for the massive explosion on a Ministry of War station at Pashanai III earlier today which claimed the lives of just under 5600 people and destroyed several billion ISK's worth of infrastructure.

In a prepared video statement released to several media outlets simultaneously, an unidentified man with a black cloth across his face speaks in a distorted voice, explaining intricate technical details of the operation that experts have now confirmed indicate a reliable level of involvement. The man then proceeds to direct scathing political rhetoric toward the Empire and the Ammatar Mandate, starkly berating them for their "centuries of unlawful subjugation and violence."

The Minmatar Republic has moved swiftly to denounce the attack. In a nationally broadcast statement just minutes ago, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor expressed his condolences to to the innocent people of Amarr, caught up in this brutal attack unawares, and pledged to assist with relief efforts in any measure the Empire requested.

The attack represents by orders of magnitude the biggest act of terrorism ever perpetrated by the Bloody Hands of Matar. The organization has kept largely out of the limelight since assassinating an Ammatar consulate ambassador just under three years ago. Their numbers, resources and the extent of their operational capacity are unknown at this point.