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Decisive Battleship Blast in the Proving Grounds

2021-10-15 - By EVE Online Team

Unflinching Capsuleers,

A new, one-day event is coming to the Abyssal Proving Grounds, inviting you to pilot the mightiest frontline ships of the core nations of New Eden in one-on-one combat, unleashing punishing force on your opponent as you battle for victory!

This event begins at 11:00 UTC on 16 October, and runs for exactly 24 hours. The ruleset is as follows:

  • Only the Apocalypse, Armageddon, Abaddon, Raven, Rokh, Scorpion, Dominix, Megathron, Hyperion, Tempest, Typhoon, Maelstorm, and Praxis may enter
  • Pilots receive 100m ISK payout per match
  • Only one local repair module allowed per ship
  • No Sensor Dampeners or Shield Boost Amplifiers allowed
  • No passive shield tank modules (power relays, flux coild, purger rigs) allowed
  • Modules and drones are restricted to meta level 5
  • Pirate implants are restricted

Board your battleships, ready your weapons, and snag your Proving Ground filaments – available in Abyssal Deadspace caches, in Triglavian wrecks in Pochven, or on the ingame market – and launch into a momentous battle, hitting your foes with everything you’ve got as you plow your way to the top of the Proving Ground Leaderboard, demonstrating immovable strength & spirit and earning rewards!