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Don’t miss the biggest Crimson Harvest rewards

2023-10-13 - By EVE Online Team

Reward hungry capsuleers,

Crimson Harvest, the spookiest event of the year, is already well under way in New Eden. Countless capsuleers have chosen a side in the terrifying conflict between the Blood Raider Covenant and the Order of Tetrimon, and chaos has ensued. This year’s Crimson Harvest is longer and more gruesome than ever before, and the rewards are extra spine-tingling.

On top of the daily challenge rewards, pilots who log in a total of 25 times during the event get an especially horrific extra reward: 250,000 Skillpoints for Omega players, and 75,000 for Alpha. That’s on top of all the devilish rewards on offer for the daily logins, of which Omegas get both sets. Among the rewards for completing the daily challenges are SKINs, EverMarks, Skillpoints and more, so there is a lot to play for.

This, then, is a reminder for all you reward hungry pilots out there, that if you want to be able to unlock the big skill point prize, today is your last chance to get started. There’s a lot to play for, so make sure you start your daily rampage in the Crimson Harvest today.

If you’ve already been logging in, keep going so you can claim the gory glory. There are lots more fun challenges and lucrative rewards ahead, capsuleer, so keep sharpening those claws, and causing panic among your fellow pilots.Jump into the carnage now and reap the grim rewards.

Frightening Flash Sale

For a very limited time, the New Eden Store is offering terrifically terrifying bargains on PLEX and other goodies. Here are the current blood-curdling bargains up for grabs:

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6,000 PLEX + Cormorant and Vexor Deathglow Hunters SKIN


12,000 PLEX + Oracle and Hurricane Deathglow Hunters SKIN


20,000 PLEX + Cormorant, Vexor, Oracle, and Hurricane Deathglow Hunters SKINs


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Get 30% off Omega for PLEX

For a limited time only, you can get 30% off 1 Month or 12% off 3 Months Omega in the New Eden store. This brings the monthly Omega cost to only 350 PLEX.

You can find the following offer in the NES now:

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This offer will only be available until 17 October, so make sure you upgrade your account for less while you still have time.

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