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EVE Academy – Hacking for Profit

2021-07-29 - By EVE Online Team

Academic Capsuleers,

A new tutorial has been added to EVE Academy! This video focuses on hacking data and relic sites as a part of the Explorer path. You can find the video below or over on the EVE Academy site itself.

EVE Academy is your guide to New Eden - a website aimed at giving new EVE Online players the best start by providing a tailored learning experience. It provides a wealth of information designed to help you decide who you want to be. Pick from Explorer, Industrialist, Enforcer (PvE) or Soldier of Fortune (PvP) to get skill plans, beginner ship fittings, and curated links to resources created by the EVE Online community.

Some of the Cosmic Signatures you come across may be Data or Relic Sites. By fitting a Data or Relic Analyzer to your ship, you can enter the site and hack the containers for a chance at loot! Using the correct Analyzer module will bring up the hacking minigame where your goal is to guide your computer system's virus through the maze in search of the System Core. Break this core to unlock the container and receive your loot. -EVE Academy, Explorer

New content is always being added to the Academy so be sure to check back regularly to get the latest new videos to help you excel in EVE Online!