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EVE Academy – Trading for Profit

2021-09-27 - By EVE Online Team

Academic Capsuleers,

A new tutorial has been added to EVE Academy! This video will teach you the basics of EVE’s markets as a part of the Industrialist path. You can find the video below or over on the EVE Academy site itself.

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*Accessing the market to buy or sell items is very simple. The regional market can be opened straight from your Neocom where sell orders are displayed above buy orders alongside graphs of price history, quantity, and trading volume per day. Sell orders are other Capsuleers offering to sell their items for ISK and buy orders serve as the opposite - pilots putting down ISK in advance if you have the right item to sell to them. *

*Most trading activity takes place in and around the market hub known as Jita 4-4, though other, smaller trade hubs do exist in popular PvE or PvP locations. If you're savvy enough to spot a deal then it's very possible to turn a profit by hauling goods or simply buying low and selling high. * -EVE Academy, Industrialist

New content is always being added to the Academy so be sure to check back regularly to get the latest new videos to help you excel in EVE Online!