EVE Online: Incarna 1.0 to be deployed on Tuesday, June 21 | EVE Online

EVE Online: Incarna 1.0 to be deployed on Tuesday, June 21

2011-06-20 - By Svarthol

EVE Online: Incarna 1.0 is scheduled for deployment during an extended downtime on Tuesday, June 21. Downtime will begin at 07:00 UTC and is expected to be completed by 17:00 UTC.

Incarna 1.0 features Captain's Quarters - the first step towards opening the interiors of space stations for players; the new graphics and animations for ship turrets; and the new Noble Exchange store offering new and exciting goods. The new players will now embark on their journey in EVE Online guided by completely revamped tutorials and the familiar voice of Aura, while the new agent finder and corporation recruitment tools will make life easier for all pilots.

Full patch notes are available by clicking on this link and a deployment discussion thread is available here. A Client Update # 1 for Incarna will be offered when you update your client to Incarna 1.0. This client update fixes a number of issues introduced with EVE Online: Incarna 1.0. We strongly urge you to download and install this client update.

Note: You will be required to create a new avatar using the character creator if you have not yet done so when Tranquility returns to service.