Federation Grand Prix - Final Weekend! | EVE Online

Federation Grand Prix - Final Weekend!

2018-06-22 - By CCP Falcon

The Federation Grand Prix is entering its final weekend, and will come to a close on Tuesday, June 26th.

If you haven't already taken part, you should be sure to dive in and race against the clock to pick up your haul of points and some awesome rewards.

Access the Federation Grand Prix objectives via The Agency in the Neocom menu in game. Then, go to the event site hosted in the Luminaire system in Gallente space and speed off to the first race checkpoint.

Each race course is different, so be sure to keep a close eye on the events section in the Agency for your next destination. Start racking up those Agency points for any objectives completed, eventually unlocking further rewards with your gathered points.

Check out the Live Event Portal for more information on how to get involved!