Friendship Week Returns! | EVE Online

Friendship Week Returns!

2022-02-24 - By EVE Online Team

Spacefaring friends,

The best ship in New Eden is friendship! It’s there when we fly side-by-side, when we explore distant pockets of space together, and even when we dance among the stars unloading firepower into each other’s hulls.

To celebrate all the friendships made in EVE Online – and to inspire a few new ones - Friendship Week is back! It’s that time of year when we come together with our closest fellow pilots, reconnect with friends we’ve not seen in some time, and celebrate the amazing community spirit we’ve built together.

Running from now until 3 March, Friendship Week connects players across the globe and spotlights the community of pilots that have been the beating heart of EVE Online since its debut nearly 19 years ago. That means you can expect live streams, special offers, and more, all with a view to recognizing the friendships, bonds, and allegiances that make EVE what it is.


During Friendship Week, CCPTV will be packed with streams and celebrations, playing host to some of our most fun and engaging content creators. So, tune in throughout the week to enjoy some EVE and hang out with space friends in chat!

Keep an eye on CCPTV for more, and be sure to tune in on 26 Feb in particular. This Saturday will feature 12 hours of back-to-back streams from 11:30 UTC, hosted by EVE streamers Gustav Mannfred, Torvald Uruz, and The Oz.

While watching streams on the official CCPTV channel you can accumulate CCP Loyalty Points which can be traded in on Twitch for free GalNet StreamCast SKINs.


Make sure you tune in on Tuesday 1 March from 16:00 UTC as well for the Friendship Week dev roam where CCP, GMs, and ISDs will be led around New Eden by famous Initiative FC and streamer Pandoralica!

You can watch us get blown up on stream or come looking for us as we make our way around New Eden. We might even have some goodies in the cargo for whoever is lucky enough to bust those piñatas!


Ultimately, Friendship Week is all about you and your fellow pilots. It’s an opportunity to share memories of the bonds that have been built in EVE, while giving each of us a chance to connect with those in the community we’re yet to spend time with.

If you’re yet to find friends among the stars, check out EVE Academy’s video on how to find a corp in EVE! Keep an eye on EVE’s social channels for more – and to keep up to date on Friendship Week challenges and contests.

Additionally, now that we’re officially on the Road to Fanfest, Friendship Week provides a chance to connect with your EVE buddies before we meet for real in Reykjavik - at the first in-person Fanfest in close to four years!


Throughout the celebrations you’ll also be able to grab some of New Eden’s most popular packs at up to 50% off, giving you a chance to top up on Omega, SKINs, Skill Points, apparel, and more. Whether you’re doing PvE in Perimeter, practicing kiting in Poitot (the only named system in Syndicate), or you’re after something a bit different, you’ll find a discounted pack to meet your needs - available at their Friendship Week price from 24 - 28 February.

EVE has always been about bringing people together. It’s about friendship, community, and plenty of explosions. So, make sure you join in to celebrate this week with your fellow Capsuleers and experience everything Friendship Week has to offer!