GM Week Returns! – August 19th - 23rd! | EVE Online

GM Week Returns! – August 19th - 23rd!

2019-08-16 - By GM Stardust

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Glorious capsuleers,

We’re super happy to announce that on Monday, GM Week kicks off once again as we let our wonderful Game Masters loose on New Eden for five days of shenanigans and mayhem.

Some of you may remember (or be emotionally recovering from) last year’s GM week during August 2018, when a week of competitions, scavenger hunts, GM fleets and shenanigans saw the CCP Player Experience Team come say hi to capsuleers across New Eden.

This year, we’ll once again be hosting events and competitions both in game and across our social media channels, so keep an eye out for information on how you can win PLEX, Skill Points and some pretty sweet SKINs over the course of the week.

There’ll be a lot going on over the course of the week, so here’s a few highlights of what we’ll all be up to.

  • Rookie System Tour

Everyone loves newbros, and they always need a helping hand and some encouragement to explore New Eden. We’ll be taking a tour of rookie systems to say hi, and maybe dish out a few prizes and some sage (and obviously highly professional) advice to new pilots.

  • Scavenger Hunt

We’ll be hiding a GM or two in various systems across New Eden. Hints to their whereabout will be dropped on our social media channels, and the first player to find the GM flying the ship with a dumb name will win a fabulous prize.

  • Advanced Scavenger Hunt

For those who want to test their knowledge of EVE a little more, we’ll be doing the same with secure containers dotted around New Eden too. These will be a little more complex, though. The name of the container will pose a question that will test the very limits of your knowledge of New Eden. The pilot who finds and unlocks the container will reap the rewards.

  • GM Roam with BjornBee

Somehow, we convinced Bjorn that taking a group of us idiots out on a fleet would be fun. Bjorn, we apologize for our terrible comms discipline, horrific fitting and total lack of PvP prowess in advance. That said, we’ll be carrying some valuables… so it’ll be interesting to see what pilots across the cluster do with dumb targets of opportunity!

  • Haiku Contest

This went so well the last time, that we thought it’d be fun to kick it off again. We’ll be hosting a contest for the best EVE Haikus on twitter – give us your best …or worst.

  • Item Description Contest

Ever though that your favourite ship, module, trade good or item within EVE could use a more elaborate, detailed or fun description. Here’s your chance – we’ll be accepting updates, and some of the best ones might even make it to our game design team for review and release!

  • T-shirt Design Contest

This year at EVE Vegas, we want to showcase the creativity of our community again. The last t-shirt design contest we ran resulted in some amazing designs, so we want to do it again! Stay tuned for more details on how you can get involved!

  • GM AMA on /r/eve

Some of your questions may almost be answered. Possibly.

These are just a few of the events we’ll have going on over the course of the week, so be sure to stay tuned to the EVE Online news feed for more details on the start and requirements for various contests we’ll be hosting. Oh, and keep an eye on Yulai too… strange happenings going on there.

We’re super stoked to be kicking off GM week again and are looking forward to sharing our own brand of fun and madness with you guys over the course of the week.

The team will be sending out regular news items that cover all the goings on, so be sure to read up if you’d like to get involved.

Keep an eye on the EVE Online news feed and the CCP Customer Support twitter feed for all the latest details of GM Week!