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Imperial Fleet spotted in Aridia

2008-11-08 - By Svarthol

Aridia -  An unidentified Imperial Navy fleet, apparently incorporating much of the Amarrian fleet exercising in Tash-Murkon yesterday, has resurfaced unannounced in the Aridia region. The Ministry of War has still not released any statement explaining these unannounced manoeuvres.

While it has long been Naval policy to maintain a press blackout during scheduled exercises, it is also customary for affected parties to be notified in advance. Statements from the Tash-Murkon Family yesterday suggest that these protocols have not been observed, and while the Ministry has given no official comment, anonymous sources indicate that there is some confusion internally. Attempts to solicit comments from other Imperial Families, who maintain their own standing navies and are usually well-informed of Fleet movements, have so far yielded no conclusive information.