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Interstellar Correspondents Seek Reporters, all races welcome.

2006-06-10 - By Svarthol

POLARIS. The Interstellar Correspondents, have decided to throw open their doors in a recruitment drive to find the best reporters in the galaxy. The Interstellar Correspondents are looking to boost their coverage of events and politics in all regions of EVE, from Yulai to the furthest reaches of low security space.

Having a good grasp of interstellar politics is a must. You must have a sound understanding of all of the history of New Eden, as well as the political relationships between all of the corporations and factions - both empire based and sovereign pilot entities.

So, if you would like to join our illustrious team and report on events from all over the universe, then fill out an application form which can be found here. Please be sure to specify the Interstellar Correspondents.

There is a lot going on throughout New Eden every day, but we cannot cover it all without help from you, the pilots. Even if you don't think you would like to join the team, but you find something happening that you believe is newsworthy, or have advanced information you would like to disclose in complete confidence, submit it here.