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Jove Body parts and event missions

2004-05-18 - By Talisman

There has been a lot of confusion and rampant speculations surrounding the Jovian body parts these last few days, much of it completely untrue (although I must admit we DID encourage many of these rumors). Anyway, time to give a bit more explanation to what is going on.

There are five body parts: Epidermis Sliver, Bone Splinter, Blood Drop, Liver Bile and Cerebral Slice. As some of you have surmised, some parts are rarer than others. Roughly speaking, 50% of the total number of body parts are Epidermis Sliver, ca. 25% are Bone Splinter, 13% Blood Drop, 7% Liver Bile and 5% Cerebral Slice. This means that there are ca. ten times as many Epidermis Slivers out there than there are Cerebral Slices.

Later today, we will put in market orders in each of the four empires. Each market order will have a minimum 1000 units. Now, there is a slight difference between what each empire will buy, all will buy Epidermis Sliver, but only the Gallenteans are buying Cerebral Slices, the Caldari are collecting Liver Bile (don’t ask why), the Minmatar want Bone Splinters and the Amarrians Blood Drops. Why? Because it encourages trade between the races, which is a good RP source. The market orders will be active for a week at least and we may modify them or make new depending on how things pan out. We might also introduce new ways to get body parts, such as making certain pirates drop them for a limited period. Naturally, you’ll be notified of this if and when it happens.

In any case, we will track how much each empire buys (computing the difference in rarity) and the one that collects the most will get a favor from the Jovians. I’m not gonna spoil it by revealing what it is, but lets just say that all characters from that race will benefit. Have fun tracking down body parts – hm, I have a Bone Splinter lying around somewhere…

On a slightly different note the first event missions (revolving around the Tal-Romon Cathedral) should make their appearance any day now, they where supposed to be already out, but a tiny hiccup has delayed things. The missions themselves are pretty standard, but basically there are two sets of missions, one for those that support what the Emperor is doing (helping him move the cathedral to Amarr Prime) and another for those that support Catiz Tash-Murkon (trying to interrupt the transportation). We will count how many players have completed each mission, and the results will dictate how the story unfolds. More on this later.