Mobile Observatories – Available Now! | EVE Online

Mobile Observatories – Available Now!

2021-06-08 - By EVE Online Team

Vigilant Capsuleers,

The Mobile Observatory deployable is now live, granting pilots a long-awaited weapon for defence against cloaking-based incursions into lowsec and nullsec regions. This new deployable works by periodically pinging system wide, with a chance to decloak cloaked ships which may then be combat scanned and destroyed.

The Mobile Observatory, once deployed in space, will be visible system-wide on the overview similar to a Cyno Beacon and will last for 2 hours.

During this time period, it will release a decloaking ping every 10 minutes which has a 40% chance to decloak each cloaked ship in system.

Blueprints to build an Observatory can be purchased from NPC corporations.

How will this affect active cloaking gameplay?

In order to prevent the Mobile Observatory from significantly hindering Black Ops fleets and other forms of actively cloaked gameplay, a new Hardened Cloak buff is being added. This buff will be granted upon initial cloak activation and will last for 15 minutes, providing resistance against Observatory decloaking pings.

This will ensure that the Mobile Observatory has the most impact against inactive or AFK players.

Furthermore, the Mobile Observatory may only be deployed in lowsec and nullsec, allowing wormholers and Pochven residents to continue their covert operations unseen.