Multiple Character Training Revitalized | EVE Online

Multiple Character Training Revitalized

2022-06-03 - By EVE Online Team

Assiduous Capsuleers,

Multiple Character Training (MCT) has been refurbished fresh for 2022. An MCT is a convenient way for you to train an alternative character without losing time on your main and without the hassle of a second account!

When you purchase Multiple Character Training through the EVE Store, you'll receive a certificate that will enable an additional character on that account to train at the same time! This means less time juggling accounts, and training queues, and an easy way to start training the alternative character that you’ve always planned to make.

With these new updates to MCT, you are able to purchase packs of MCT in 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, or 24 increments, just like with Omega! This adds more convenience and eliminates the worry about when your training expires. Note that MCT binds to your account and cannot be traded on the market in EVE.

Not sure what kind of alternative character to train? Create a neutral hauler or scout, build the perfect dread pilot, or maybe even a dedicated industry, and market character. The number of possibilities for your alternative character are as massive as New Eden itself. Start training a new character today with MCT!