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Patch Notes For Rhea

2014-12-09 - By CCP Falcon

Patch notes for Rhea 1.4
Release on Thursday, December 18, 2014


User Interface:

  • "Hide Windows" icon in the Ctrl+Tab window manager is using the new style.
  • NUMPAD and Cursors are now listed correctly when assigning them to shortcuts.
  • It is now possible to bind a combination of buttons for manual flight control.



  • Fixed an issue affecting the display of apparel variations in the character creator and recustomization service.


  • The Superior Sleeper Cache sites have been disabled.

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where all tabs would stop blinking when only one had been interacted with.
  • Fixed mail icon blinking on log-in despite there being no unread mail.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the display of apparel variations in the character creator and recustomization service.
  • Fixed an issue causing the overheat buttons to collapse after undock or PI view when not in a Confessor.
  • Fixed an issue causing D-scan to not correctly remove results which are outside current scan range

Patch notes for Rhea 1.3
Release on Tuesday, December 16, 2014



  • Fixed Medical Clone tutorial not detecting when the Clone Bay window is open
  • Manufacturing of Self-Assembling Nanolattices is now taxed appropriately.


  • Fixed an issue where moving stacked windows would show an obvious drop in performance

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the active targeting cross hair was not following the mouse
  • Fixed an issue where in-space icons were not visible on broadcast
  • Fixed an issue where the fleet window would select a number of members when scrolling the fleet window
  • All factions will now use the correct theme when boarding a ship with the 'Match theme to active ship' option selected
  • The button in the Clone Bay window to destroy the installed jump clone will no longer be disabled if you were otherwise unable to install a jump clone at that station

Patch notes for Rhea 1.2
Release on Monday, December 15, 2014



  • Fixed clipping issues on Eternity dress tops

User Interface:

  • New Map: fixed home station icon not updating 
  • New Map: fixed an issue causing the grouping menu to get stuck 
  • Fixed an issue where binding of keys was not possible 
  • Fleet window no longer selects all members in the fleet when scrolling the fleet window
  • Fixed an issue where opening and closing stacked windows would cause them to break

Patch notes for Rhea 1.1
Release on Thursday, December 11, 2014



  • The Bowhead blueprint can no longer be used for invention
  • The Bowhead reprocessing materials have been corrected
  • The Civilian Relic Analyzer now works on the Ancient Tomb Dig Site container
  • Autopiloting within Thera to a station is now possible
  • Viewing the contents of containers is possible once more
  • Manufacturing a Confessor is now taxed appropriately
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to trade only ISK in the trade window
  • Fixed an issue where private contracts that only required items would fail


  • Our tailors have fixed tucking problems on some male pants
  • The Eagle has now correct Mask Maps

User Interface:

  • An issue with marking mails as read has been fixed
  • Issues with mailing lists have been fixed
  • The new Starmap (beta) has been improved:
    • "Systems I've Visited" filter is now working as intended
    • An issue where the top toolbar would persist even though map was closed has been fixed
    • The map properly appears on top of other windows when clicked
    • Alliance lines are disabled for now while a related issue is getting fixed first
  • Resizing the client during character select screen will no longer produce a black screen
  • "Match theme to active ship" in the color scheme selection now works correctly for all ship factions
  • Corp Assets and Personal Assets have separate icons
  • Text for Neocom groups is more readable
  • Factional Warfare window now has an updated dog tag icon
  • An issue where the Clone Bay station service window would show up blank has been fixed
  • The Tactical Destroyer market group now has the correct icon
  • Structure kill reports show now the victim corp name

Patch notes for Rhea 1.0
Release on Tuesday December 9, 2014



  • New Rhea theme song at start up
  • Sound environment for a cloaked structure
  • Sound environments for Thera: System Entry, Station exterior, Hangar, Shattered Planets
  • Sounds for Confessor animations (the new Amarr destroyer)
  • Sounds for new sleeper scout drone and Bowhead
  • Sounds for new 3D map
  • Support for multiple sound emitters for a single sound


  • The fee for changing your home station has been raised to 100.000 ISK (from 5.600 ISK)

Corps and Alliances:

  • A character with the Personnel Management role in a player corp can now invite players directly to the corporation, without the recruit having to put in an application himself. Invites may be sent by using the "Send Corporation Invitation" option when right-clicking on a character name/portrait.

  • Standard application flow (this process is unchanged):

    1. Recruit applies to corporation
    1. Personnel Manager accepts the application and sends an offer to the recruit
    1. Recruit accepts the offer and becomes a member of the corporation
  • New invitation flow (effectively skips step 1 above):

    1. Personnel Manager sends an invitation to the recruit
    1. Recruit accepts the invitation and becomes a member of the corporation
  • A recruit can only have a single in-progress application/invitation with a particular corp at any time.

  • Both parties are notified via the notification system when an application is created/updated. These notifications may be configured or suppressed like any other.

  • The rate at which a character can send out invites is throttled to prevent excessive spam.

  • Changes to the mechanics about when a character may join/leave a corporation:

  • A character can create a new application to join a corporation from anywhere. (Previously could applications could only be submitted whilst docked in a station)

  • A character cannot choose to leave a corporation unless he is either docked or in a capsule. (Previously he quit from a corp at any time)

  • A character cannot accept a completed corporation invitation unless he is docked or in a capsule. (Previously he could accept a completed invite at any time)

  • Note that changing corporations will continue to trigger a 10 second session-change timer


  • Scanners are now detecting Unidentified Sites throughout New Eden; we have nothing on record about the contents within
  • The Standard Sleeper Cache is now waiting to be explored in New Eden.
  • A distance indicator has been added in to the hacking mechanic which displays how many nodes you are away from something beneficial


  • One hundred and one new wormhole systems can now be accessed by players. These systems were recently shattered by a mysterious event. Among these new systems is the unique hub system of Thera. All the details about Thera and the Shattered Wormhole Systems can be found in this Dev Blog.
  • Users now have the option to opt into keyboard controls for their ship. This feature is currently in beta and disabled by default.
  • In order to opt in; assign keyboard shortcuts to the actions "direction down", "direction left", "direction right", "direction up" in the ESC menu, via the "Navigation" tab under "Shortcuts"
  • The skill point loss incurred on clone death has been removed (exception being T3 cruiser death penalty) along with the requirement to keep your clone up to date with a relevant clone grade
  • The default clone that you are issued after death is free and sufficient to protect your skills on death
  • You no longer have the option of purchasing higher clone grades
  • Consequently the clone upgrade discount for upgraded Factional Warfare systems has been removed
  • Assembled ships in a Ship Maintenance Bay will now appear in the wreck if the container ship is destroyed (following the normal loot dropped/destroyed probability). These surviving ships can then be manually ejected in to space to be piloted away.


  • Redesigned hulls for the Onyx, Eagle, Incursus, Enyo, Ishkur, Blackbird, Rook and Falcon.
  • New Guristas, Sansha and Blood Raiders pirate apparel sets.
  • New Christmas jacket variant.
  • First pass of Physical Based Rendering for all ships (except T3 cruisers) and turrets/launchers.


  • New content is localized into German, French and Russian.


  • Setting up a single sell order will now show a larger entry.
  • Dragging items over the sell window will now show enhanced visual feedback.


  • The base optimal range of all Pulse Lasers has been increased by 5%.
  • The falloff range of all Pulse Lasers has been increased.
  • Small Focused Pulses, Heavy Pulses, Mega Pulses: +25%
  • Dual Light Pulses, Focused Medium Pulses, Dual Heavy Pulses: +33.3%
  • Gatling Pulses, Giga Pulses: +100%
  • The optimal range bonus provided by Scorch ammo has been reduced from 50% to 40%.
  • Small Beam Lasers have been rebalanced:
  • +50% Damage Multiplier
  • -20% Rate of Fire
  • +25% Capacitor Need
  • -10% Tracking
  • +10% Optimal Range
  • Decreased Falloff: -33.3% for Dual Light Beams, -37.5% for Small Focused Beams
  • ~17% decrease in CPU use for Dual Light Beams, ~5% decrease in CPU use for Small Focused Beams

Missions & NPCs:

  • New sleeper scout drone, the Circadian Seeker, can be found roaming known space
  • The Circadian Seeker NPC has multiple action states, based upon an improved AI.
  • Fixed an issue where the dungeon for the NPE mission "The Academy" could expire before the pilot has received the relevant mission item.

New Eden Store:

  • Added 4 new Dreadnought Ship Skins - Revelation Sarum Edition, Naglfar Justice Edition, Phoenix Wiyrkomi Edition, Moros Interbus Edition
  • Added 5 new Female 'Eternity' Suit bundles - White, Yellow, Olive, Black/Gold, Black/Red
  • Added 6 new 'Outlaw' Faction bundles (3 Male, 3 Female) - Blood Raiders, Guristas, Sansha Nation


  • Added new ORE ship freighter ship: Bowhead

Ore Freighter Skill Bonus per level:

  • 5% bonus to ship maintenance array capacity per level
  • 5% bonus to inertia modifier per level

Role Bonus:

  • 90% reduction in jump fatigue generation

  • Slot Layout: 3M, 3L, 3R

  • Fitting: 1350 PWG, 215 CPU

  • Defense (shields / armor / hull): 21000 / 11000 / 39500

  • Capacitor (amount / recharge): 3900 / 235s

  • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass): 65 / .0675 / 640.000.000

  • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0

  • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 51.5km / 45  / 3

  • Sensor strength: 12

  • Signature radius: 3200

  • Cargo Bay: 4000m3

  • Ship Maintenance Bay: 1.300.000m3

  • Added the first of the new Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers, the Confessor. All the details can be found in this forum thread.  

Amarr Tactical Destroyer Bonuses Per Level:

  • 10% bonus to Small Energy Turret damage
  • 10% reduction in Small Energy Turret capacitor usage
  • 5% reduction in heat damage generated by modules

Role Bonus:

  • 95% reduction in Scan Probe Launcher CPU requirements
  • Additional bonuses are available when one of three Tactical Destroyer Modes are active. Modes may be changed no more than once every 10 seconds.

Defense Mode:

  • 33.3% bonus to all armor resistances whole Defense Mode is active
  • 33.3% reduction in ship signature radius while Defense Mode is active    

Propulsion Mode:

  • 66.6% bonus to maximum velocity while Propulsion Mode is active
  • 33.3% bonus to ship inertia modifier while Propulsion Mode is active

Sharpshooter Mode:

  • 66.6% bonus to Small Energy Turret optimal range while Sharpshooter Mode is active

  • 100% bonus to sensor strength, scan resolution and targeting range while Sharpshooter Mode is active

  • Slot layout: 7 H, 3 M, 5 L, 6 turrets , 0 launchers

  • 3 Rig Slots, 400 Calibration

  • Fittings: 80 PWG, 190 CPU

  • Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 600 / 800 / 750

  • Base shield resistances (EM/Therm/Kin/Exp): 0 / 20 / 55 / 75

  • Base armor resistances (EM/Therm/Kin/Exp): 50 / 35 / 43.75 / 60

  • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 800 / 300s / 2.667

  • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / warp speed / align time): 280 / 2.15 / 2,400,000 / 4.5 / 7.15s

  • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0

  • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 45km / 350 / 7

  • Sensor strength: 13 Radar

  • Signature radius: 60

  • Cargo capacity: 400


  • Added new skill to pilot the Bowhead: ORE Freighter
  • Added a new skill to pilot the Confessor: Amarr Tactical Destroyer

Structures & Deployables:

  • Users can no longer divide a stack inside a fuel bay

User Interface:

  • The station medical service window has been significantly re-vamped following the skill point death penalty removal and is now called Clone Bay
  • A button has been added to kill mail list entries in the character sheet and corporation window to copy the kill mail CREST URL
  • The first in a series of updates as part of the EVE UI modernization project have been made live, these include:
  • A new Transparency slider has been added under for Windows in the General Settings tab of the ESC Menu
  • The color sliders have been removed and replaced by a series of preset color themes under Color Theme in the General Settings tab
  • In addition a new setting "Match theme to active ship" has been include, this option is disabled by default
  • All icons in the game have been updated with an emphasis on iconic readability, the colors have been removed to help focus on shape identification. This includes Station Service icons, Selected Items window icons, The Neocom and Window Icons. This does not include any item icons.
  • Window transparency now reacts to which layer of the scene the user is focusing on with the mouse
  • The blink and highlight effect on tabs has been improved
  • A new 3D map has been added as an opt-in beta feature. This feature can be activated via the ESC menu, under General Settings
  • Kill Reports and Contracts have been added to the New Notifications system
  • Health bars are now visible for drones in drone bay
  • Added a new background to character selection screen
  • Added clickable focus icon (find group in browse tab) to market
  • Kill reports that include items contained inside other items (modules fitted to a ship that is inside a maintenance bay, items inside a cargo container inside a ship's cargo hold etc) will now be indented under their parent container when displayed in the kill report UI
  • JOB RUNS and RUNS PER COPY fields have had their widths increased in the industry window



  • All the unnecessary asteroids in the mission Cash Flow for Capsuleers 6 of 10 have been removed
  • The Ancient Tomb Dig Site container can now only be accessed with the Relic Analyzer
  • The ‘Gate to Residential Areas’ acceleration gate in the Nation Consolidation Network Incursion site now allows Command ships to use it
  • Multiple minor content defects have been fixed
  • Heavy Assault Missile Launchers now accept Heavy Defender missiles rather than Light Defender missiles
  • When a ship is destroyed with ships inside its Ship Maintenance Bay or cargo containers in its fleet hangar, items contained within those ships/containers will be properly included in kill reports. Additionally the kill report UI will indent items within their parents containers, to make the item hierarchy easier to understand.


  • Turret position adjusted on Viator hull
  • Front glass panels adjusted on Cyclone
  • Adjusted Nidhoggur fins so they are now present at all angles



  • "Rogue drone" is now consistently translated as "Raubdrohne"
  • Various minor defects and terminology issues were resolved throughout the game


  • "Cote d'estime" has been removed everywhere and replaced by "réputation"
  • Overview is now consistently translated as "Écran radar"


  • The translation for "exhumers" has been changed to "тяжёлые буровые корабли"
  • All items in ISIS are now translated in Russian


  • Some 4/10 exploration sites have had their gate access corrected to prevent entry by Strategic Cruisers.

User Interface:

  • When forcefully failing an overdue issued courier contract the confirmation message displayed now has the correct overdue date
  • Sorting by number of bids for item auctions in the contract search results now works correctly
  • Fixed an issue causing slightly damaged ships and structures to show at 100% hit points
  • Radial menu now works properly on Factional Warfare outposts
  • Changed 'veldspare' to 'veldspar' in several career mission texts
  • Added faction tag to basic capacitor flux coil
  • Fixed typo in Cyclone description
  • Fixed typo in Aeon bonus text
  • Capital Navigation certificate has been updated to be in line with Phoebe travel changes
  • Fixed a typo in the "Stem the Flow" mission
  • Fixed exploration career path missions having incorrect references to "relic data analyzer" modules instead of "relic analyzer"
  • Fixed the description being incorrect for "Gas Site Scanning (5 of 5)"
  • Fixed the description being incorrect for "Angel of Mercy (2 of 10)"
  • Warning message for Industry jobs with runs starting too far in the future have been updated for clarity
  • Fixed an issue where the blueprint browser in the Industry window would not update correctly
  • Fixed the use of 'know' instead of 'now' in the briefing for "Stem the Flow"
  • Fixed a text misalignment in the the exchange-tags slider in the Security Office UI



  • Deprecated the cloneTypeID, cloneName, and cloneSkillPoints from char/CharacterSheet. For now they will still return a static value for all characters, but the elements will be deleted early in the new year. Update your applications to support their removal ASAP.


  • Exposed the Regions, Region, Constellation, SolarSystem, and Planet resources for universe data. These resources are available in public CREST.
  • Exposed the ItemCategories, ItemCategory, ItemGroups, ItemGroup, ItemTypes, and ItemType resources for inventory data. These resources are available in public CREST.
  • Exposed MarketOrdersSell and MarketOrdersBuy resources for market data. These resources are only available in authed CREST.