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Rejoice on Amarr Foundation Day!

2021-08-05 - By EVE Online

Pious Capsuleers,

Today the holy Amarr people come together to honor the sanctity of Amarr Foundation Day, celebrating the construction of the first Amarr church by Prophet Dano Gheinok. Said to be built over this original church, the Grand Basilica of St. Gheinok sits in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad and is considered the "mother church" of the Amarr Imperial Rite. Festivities celebrating this important date will be running through to 12 August and there’s plenty for Capsuleers to get involved in!

Make sure you log into EVE throughout this event as daily gifts will be provided for both Alpha and Omega Capsuleers. There are Amarr-themed SKINs up for grabs as well as up to 25,000 Skill Points for Omega clones and more! There’s even an Amarr Expert System giving you everything you need to join in with other Amarr followers during the celebrations. Upgrading to Omega at any point during the campaign will gift you any of the previous Omega rewards that haven’t yet been claimed.

Watch the address below from Her Royal Highness, Empress Catiz I and rejoice in the light of the faithful!

Daily Challenges and New Monuments

Daily challenges will be available throughout the Foundation Day festivities, rewarding you with Skill Points if you visit the glorious Amarr titans on parade to honor them with fireworks. Titan parades can be found in the following systems: Amarr, Ardishapur Prime, Kador Prime, Khanid Prime, Kor-Azor Prime, Sarum Prime, and Tash-Murkon Prime.

For the Amarr faithful, you can also visit new holy monuments commemorating key events and locations in Amarr history. Visit the Order of Tetrimon Fortress Monastery in Thebeka, the Rebuilt Traumark Installation in Saminer, and the Ndoria Mining Hub in Uplingur.

As with previous events, there is warp speed boost across Amarr space so you can zip around and see the wondrous sights!

Imperial War Reserves Mining Blitz

For Capsuleers who want to support the Amarr in their industrial activities, Mining Blitz sites are opening up in the constellations of Anidaza (Tash-Murkon), San Matar (Derelik), and Sosarir (Domain). Jump in and help the Imperial War Reserves to earn Loyalty Points and unlock new SKINs, to display your faith, for the Crucifier, Dragoon, and Prophecy!

Community Activities and CCPTV

The Foundation Day celebration will extend out of EVE, too! Brush up on your Amarr scriptures and take part in the upcoming stream where you can win exclusive Amarr Commander apparel, in-game medals, and even several months of Omega. You can catch the stream at 17:00 UTC today on CCPTV.

Following today’s stream, why not get involved with Khimi Harar and the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order as they host an evening of festivities? Amarr community events will be running over the next few days so be sure to read their forum thread and fleet up!

There will also be an Amarr propaganda contest starting soon so if you wield a paintbrush better than a pulse laser, make sure you take part! Keep an eye out for the news item with details coming tomorrow.

4-Player Omen FFA Proving Grounds

It's time to become the bearer of bad omens in the Proving Grounds once more with a specially themed four-player free-for-all Omen brawl. Modules will be limited to meta 4 and below meaning no Tech 2 modules. The big twist this time is that you will not be able to use any specific resistance hardeners on your ships! This includes anti-EM and anti-thermal rigs as well as their equivalent modules.

The 4-player Omen FFA runs from 6 August to 10 August, so get your Omen ready and head into battle! If your skills need a boost, then plug in the Amarr Foundation Day Expert System to give this golden Amarr cruiser a try and bathe your opponents in holy laser fire.

Amarr Foundation Day Limited Time Offers

Rejoice in your Amarr faith and get yourself a pack of SKINs representing four of the founding Amarr royal families. A new deal is available for a limited time in the EVE Store. Grab a pack of 1100 PLEX and receive a complementary set of SKINs for the Arbitrator (Ardishapur), Oracle (Sarum), Apocalypse (Khanid), and Armageddon (Tash-Murkon).

Better still, spend some of that PLEX in the New Eden Store in-game on one month of Omega to receive another set of SKINs for the Omen (Tash-Murkon), Coercer (Sarum), Harbinger (Khanid), and Apocalypse (Ardishapur).

Act fast, though, this glorious deal is only around until 11:00 UTC on 12 August!

Your destiny is written in these stars, Capsuleer. To reclaim the wayward and deliver them from evil is your calling. Join the chosen and rejoice in the light of the one true God on Amarr Foundation Day.