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Save Big on Equinox Era Pack

2024-06-10 - By EVE Online Team

Greetings capsuleer,

The Equinox expansion is out now, ushering in a new era of control, creativity, and more colorful warfare than ever before. The introduction of SKINR for ships brings a new hue to New Eden, new Upwell structures and ships provide the opportunity to shape space to your image, and new goals and corp projects promise more action than ever before.

To make the most of the new tools, a new pack is now on offer on Steam and in the EVE Store. It includes 14 days Omega, 50 PLEX, one Standard “Boost” Cerebral Accelerator, one Core Ship Operations Expert System, and some limited design elements for the new SKINR for ships. This pack is only available until 20 June, so act fast!

The Equinox Era pack contains:

  • 14 days Omega time

  • 50 PLEX

  • 1 Standard “Boost” Cerebral Accelerator

  • 1 Core Ship Operation Expert System

  • 6 Limited Nanocoatings

    • Azure Skies (gloss) - Steam

    • Electric Dreams (matte) – EVE Store

  • 3 Limited Metallic

    • Silver Rose Metallic - Steam

    • Sefrim Gold – EVE Store

  • 3 Limited Pattern

    • Data Fragmentation – Steam & EVE Store

Don’t miss your chance to hit the Equinox Era at warp speed with this amazing deal.