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Save on Skill Extractors this Friendship Week

2022-02-26 - By EVE Online Team

Friendly Capsuleers,

As part of the Friendship Week celebrations Skill Extractors are available in the New Eden Store with 15% off their full price. The special price is available from 26-28 February.

Skill Extractors let you pull skill points from your character, before reassigning them – or selling them off for ISK. Skill Extractors are designed to let you respec you character, tweaking and tailoring their strengths and specialties.

Friendship Week, meanwhile, brings the amazing EVE community together to fly side-by-side, shoot each other down (affectionately, of course!), and celebrate the bonds they’ve formed. CCP-TV will also be busy throughout Friendship Week with some of the EVE community’s most entertaining creators streaming content that celebrates the amazing fellowship that makes New Eden what it is.

There are also special discounts on selected packs available from 24-28 February at the EVE Store, letting you save up to 50%! It’s the perfect chance to top up on Omega, Skill Points, SKINs, apparel and more before you head to the Friendship Week get-together.

Don’t miss out, and thanks for being part of the EVE community!