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The March Release Is Now Live!

2018-03-20 - By CCP Falcon

After a longer than anticipated downtime today and a number of server restarts due to chat system and database issues, we're happy to announce that the March release is now live!

While the Tranquility cluster is now online and accepting connections, there may still be some residual effects of today's deployment. There are also several smaller defects and chat performance matters that we're currently working on resolving over the coming days and weeks.

Pilots should be aware that:

  • There maybe some latency and delay in the joining of chat channels, including local chat.
  • Member lists and channel population counts for chat channels may be delayed in updating due to this latency.

If any pilots do experience issues or bugs, we highly recommend filing a bug report via our website.

The March Release brings a whole host of quality of life improvements and balance changes to New Eden, including a 95% reduction in the cap on jump fatigue accumulation, changes to jumping and tethering mechanics, a shakeup of sovereignty capture and a whole host of small quality of life improvements.

In addition to this, the March Release will see a balance pass on several hulls including small buffs to battleships across the board, as well as changes to the Orthrus, Ferox, Machariel, Drake Navy Issue, Cyclone and more. A new Flag Cruiser will also be introduced – the Monitor – allowing fleet commanders to remain on the field longer during battle.

Aside from all these changes and more, the latest event will also kicks off today – The Hunt.

Capsuleers can get involved and join in by finding Guristas Pirates at the designated event sites and eliminating their threat. Exclusive rewards include Cerebral Accelerators, a Damage Modifier module, Boosters and Hunter’s Quiver SKINs.

Release Resources:

You can find information and feedback venues for the March Release in the following locations: