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Travel by Minmatar into Thukker Tribe Space Increases

2008-12-26 - By Svarthol

M-MD3B, Great Wildlands – Thukker Tribe authorities confirmed today that there has been a sharp rise in passenger traffic between the Republic regions and the Great Wildlands, along with increasing goods trading, since the open borders agreement was announced. While this traffic is two-way, visits from the Republic to Thukker space are cited as the reason for much of the travel.

'I have relatives in the havens protected by the Thukker,' said Rolf Urgalld, while queueing to take his place on a transport at the Trust Partners station functioning as a transfer point. 'We don't know where this transport is taking us except that our brothers and sisters are at the end of the journey. We came out here on a packet cruiser from Hek. It was a long and dangerous journey but it's nearly over now. I trust our Thukker brothers and the will of the Elders.'

Others in the queues for special transports provided by the Thukker since the open borders accord echoed Urgalld's sentiments. Many are willing to brave the incalculable perils of zero security space. The Great Wildlands remain aptly named and contain many hiding places for pirates and Thukker caravans alike.

Where the transports go is unknown but there is speculation that they take the passengers – some refer to themselves as 'pilgrims' – to many different rendezvous points where the famed Thukker jump freighters await them. Those who return are unable to tell, as they apparently travel under induced sleep until reaching secure locations where no astronomical markers are visible. The secrets of the Elder sanctuaries remain the most closely-guarded in the entire cluster.