Winter Nexus Holiday Season Returns! | EVE Online

Winter Nexus Holiday Season Returns!

2021-12-09 - By EVE Online Team

Festive Capsuleers,

The Winter Nexus holiday returns for another season from now until 4 January 2022, bringing some welcome cheer to pilots across New Eden! The nights are drawing in, it’s getting colder out there, and so it’s the perfect time to come together and enjoy some festive fun with friends.

As the snow settles throughout New Eden, you’ll enjoy roaming Volatile Ice Storms (packed with combat, exploration, and mining content), a series of seasonal rewards, daily login bonuses, the return of the Chilling Spree, and a Winter-themed Abyssal Proving Grounds event! Just keep an eye out for those mischievous Yoiul Clones...

Volatile Ice Storms

These chilling ice storms travel throughout Highsec, Lowsec and Nullsec space, offering pilots the chance to tackle unique challenges this holiday season.

The seasonal Wightstorm combat sites found in these pockets of space are sure to provide pilots with a frosty reception, while the Wightstorm hacking sites will also be available for the inquisitive to explore.

Enter these storms in a mining or hauling ship and you’ll be able to take part in special Volatile Ice Field mining sites! By mining ice and delivering it to friendly NPCs inside the storm, you’ll be able to earn valuable reward packages.

Whatever sort of storm you find yourself in, you’ll be able to take advantage of special bonuses, allowing you to overheat your modules for longer.

Seasonal Rewards & Daily Challenges

By taking part in Ice Storm activities, you’ll earn points that unlock a series of rewards, including new SKINs and boosters!

The Chilling Spree is also making a very welcome return in 2021. For each day of the festive season, you’ll be given a challenge to sling snowballs at your fellow pilots! Do so successfully, and you’ll be rewarded with bonus Skill Points!

The 13 Days Of Nexus

There are plenty of goodies being given away as well!

A selection of Skill Points, boosters, Aurora Universalis SKINs, and fireworks will be gifted across the festive period. You’ll also be able to grab special Stormchaser Filaments, providing instant access to a random Ice Storm system.

Simply log in each day to collect a new gift. Be sure to log in for at least 13 days of the Winter Nexus celebrations to grab them all!

Winter Abyssal Proving Ground

You’ll also be able to go toe to toe with your fellow pilots in a new Abyssal Proving Grounds event, themed around the special Ice Storm environment! You’ll have new opportunities to overheat your modules for longer, and get a bigger speed boost from afterburner modules too!

Here are the different formats you’ll be able to tackle throughout the festive season:

  • 2v2 Assault Frigates - 10-14 December
  • 1v1 Navy Frigates - 18 December
  • Yoiul T1 Cruiser 4 player free-for-all - 31 December - 4 January

Festive Yoiul Star Bundle

From today until 4 January, you’ll be able to buy a special Yoiul Star bundle, featuring thoroughly festive ship SKINs and character apparel, 14 days of Omega, 100,000 Skill Points, cerebral accelerators, fireworks, and more!

The Yoiul Star SKINs are returning to the New Eden Store until 4 January too! As well as the popular Astero and Stratios SKINs, you’ll be able to find festive makeovers for more ships than ever before!

Light your lucky stars with these special SKINs, and enjoy watching them charge up from 12 December, before they burst into their full glory on 25 December!

Holiday skin giveaway - free with EVE Merch store purchases

For a limited time, make any purchase in the EVE Merch Store and you’ll receive a free Operation Permafrost SKIN bundle for the character of your choice.

The SKIN bundle includes:

  • Merlin Operation Permafrost SKIN
  • Omen Operation Permafrost SKIN
  • Hurricane Operation Permafrost SKIN
  • Megathron Operation Permafrost SKIN

Now is also the perfect time to visit the newly-updated EVE main Merch Store or EU Merch store.

Treat yourself – or a loved one – to a coffee mug and undock in style with any of the four Operation Permafrost SKINs for the EVE Online character of your choice. Offer expires at 23:59 UTC on 22 December. Don’t miss out!