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EVE CSS Crisis update: Crisis, what crisis?

2005-07-25 - 发布者 Svarthol

Well, the crisis that's been building up for the past three weeks or so. For only the second time in the history of our department, the GM team has to admit defeat. In light of recent developments, rollbacks, server restarts, misapplied hotfixes, staff shortage, summer vacations and a possible ancient Egyptian curse, We have decided that the best course of action is to empty our queue entirely and ask those of you who still have an outstanding issue to please update your emails or file a new one. This is done for the following reaons:

1. A great number of the cases in our queue are temporary concerns, now resolved.

2. A lot of cases in our queue are general commentary on the Cold War patch, which do not really concern customer support, valid or not. We want to ask those of you who are dissatisfied or otherwise concerned with the changes implemented by the Cold War patch to please voice your concerns on the forums.

3. To boot, many players who have understandably grown tired of waiting for an answer from customer support have filed additional mails and unwittingly added to the load on support staff. As we are required to review and answer all mails, this represents a significant addition to answering time and general workload. By our estimate, this represents at least 1/4 of the current queue, which is now several thousands long and growing.

4. By emptying our queue, we will be able to get to the people in need of help much faster and return to what passes for normal around here much quicker. Please note that when we say 'emptying' we mean that everyone will receive a standard reply, asking them to update, or refile their petitions if needed. If you receive several such replies, please do not reply to them all. Remember, every time you file multiple petitions, a baby GM cries.

We sincerely apologize for having to take such drastic action and we hope that this will be the turning point which allows us to return to normal service standards.