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Become a Planetary Entrepreneur

2024-04-23 - By EVE Online Team

Aspirational capsuleers,

In anticipation of all the excitement coming with the recently announced Equinox expansion, the EVE Store is introducing a new pack to celebrate and help capsuleers prepare to seize the dream of nullsec domination.

The Planetary Entrepreneur Pack is available from 23-29 April and contains:

  • 2,100 PLEX

  • 1 Specialist ”Boost” Cerebral Accelerator

  • 250,000 Skill Points

  • Hauler Operator Expert System

  • Men’s and Women's Azure Abundance Jacket

  • Men’s and Women’s Worker's Indigo Pants

  • Men's Boardroom Loafers

  • Women's Chique Outlander Boots



In addition to a wealth of PLEX, Skill Points, a Specialist “Boost” Cerebral Accelerator, and Hauler Operator Expert System, all of which will help pilots hit nullsec in warp drive when Equinox launches, the new pack comes with a whole new wardrobe to ensure pilots look their best as they celebrate Equinox.

The expert system will give you a skill plan that prepares you for flying the new ships, and grants you access to 12 empire haulers, in addition to giving you access to market trading skills. The accelerator and Skill Points speed up your training toward your Equinox inspired goals to ensure you’re ready to dominate nullsec, and look your best while doing it.

The Equinox expansion for EVE Online is the first step toward a radical re-invigoration of nullsec space. Capsuleers will gain access to new Upwell structures, allowing for planetary resource harvesting, automated moon mining, customization of sovereign space, and more.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time chance to prepare for the Equinox expansion.