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BREAKING: Ancient Jovian Stargates Discovered

2023-08-26 - By EVE Online Team

Intrepid capsuleers,   

In the past week, compelled by leaked footage of an invitation from the enigmatic figure known as the Deathless and lured by promises of immense fortune from the Socety of Conscious Thought in exchange for information, pilots across the cluster ruthlessly hunted down Angel Cartel and Guristas commanders in search of any clues which might illuminate a pathway to the pirates’ destination.  

Launching toward an unknown finish line, capsuleer groups matched fragmentary data with ancient navigational technology extracted from Jove Observatories in a relentless race toward the Deathless’ invitation – and in only a few days, these perseverant pilots found what they were searching for: four cloaked Jovian stargates, long-hidden in the shadows of space. 

The first gate, in Turnur, and the third, in G-0Q86, were discovered by a WinterCo Research Group comprising the pilots BOOOOM BOM, CrysisDeathgun YoRHa, I-cute money plz, Martin Zhang, Rabbit P, 1125 ljw, and www-poi

The second gate, in H-PA29, was identified by independent capsuleer khac, who chose to credit some honor to the Arataka Research Consortium, mentioning the group’s efforts to "make sure this information is available to all”. 

The fourth and final gate, in Alsavoinon, was reported by Sairon Istyar of Karmafleet to SoCT Elder Mentor Matshi Raish less than half a day after the discovery of the Turnur gate, highlighting how tight this race between fiercely driven capsuleers truly was. 

Alton Haveri reports on this unprecedented event and its outcome in the latest broadcast from The Scope: 

The gates have been found, but what comes next? Where do these ancient stargates lead? Who is the Deathless, what are his goals, and what does his organization have in store for New Eden? Only time will tell – so look forward to the future, capsuleers!