Celebrate Caldari Union Day! | EVE Online

Celebrate Caldari Union Day!

2023-09-05 - By EVE Online Team

Hardworking capsuleers,

For a limited time only, the EVE store is offering a new Union Day pack at a great value. The pack includes impressive looking Executive SKINs, Caldari crew jackets, an Advanced “Boost” Cerebral Accelerator, 1,000 PLEX, as well as 256,000 SP.

The SKINs included in the Union Day pack are brand new and exclusive, with bright orange nanocoating, paying homage to the stark yet harmonious contrast between the hard and fast work ethic of the Caldari workers and the virtues of honestly earned leisure time. Each of these SKINs is certain to turn heads wherever your adventures take you in New Eden.

Warp to the EVE Store

In addition to this, the New Eden Store is offering a similar bundle, but replacing PLEX with Omega Time, as well as hosting a sale on past Executive SKINs for a limited time. Make sure you check them out.