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How To Prepare For EVE x Doctor Who

2022-01-11 - By EVE Online Team

Convergent Capsuleers!

The Interstellar Convergence arrives on 13 January, introducing the universe of Doctor Who to EVE Online! This exciting event is accessible to all players, from newcomers to veterans alike, and will test your skills of exploration, invention, and combat.

There are certain ships and skills that are useful if you’re to get the most out of this event, and now is the perfect time to start training those skills, and preparing your personal ship fleet.

To help you get ahead, the Skill Plan feature in EVE is easy to use, and allows you to map out your training career by simply dragging a ship and its associated fitting into the tool. You can also find free AIR career Skill Plans here which provide you with basic piloting skills.

Not sure which modules are suitable for each ship? No worries! Just head to the Fitting section of your NEOCOM, click the Browser button, and then filter for Community Fittings.

If you’re new to ship fitting altogether, EVE Academy has a great resource for new players which explains the basics.


Scanning and hacking skills are essential if you’re to get the most out of The Interstellar Convergence! You can brush up on these skills ahead of time by completing the Treasure Hunter Skill Plan.

You’ll also find the affordable Magnate to be the perfect ship for getting started with this side of the crossover event. Check out the EVE Academy overview for this popular frigate, which also includes a useful starting fit for the ship!

If you’re new to this particular side of EVE, there are also a number of EVE Academy videos you’ll find extremely helpful.


You’ll need to have a basic understanding of EVE’s trading markets and industry to build items from blueprints using the ingredients you acquire from the event.

Training the in-game Manufacturer Skill Plan will give your character the core skills required, while an investment of time in Mass Production and Industry will improve your efficiency further.

If you’re new to trading, take a look at EVE Academy’s dedicated video on the subject:

Here’s a useful community video that will help you get to grips with the basics of manufacturing in EVE as well:


Don't expect to overcome the Daleks without a fight!

There are two in-game Skill Plans that new players should focus on ahead of the special event: Certified Militia Fighter and Mission Runner.

With these two masteries under your belt, you’ll be well equipped to start tackling the new combat-focused content. Take a look at EVE Academy’s guide to the life of an Enforcer for even more help on getting started with this career path.

As for recommended ships, you’ll find the following tech 1 cruisers and fits well-suited to the upcoming crossover content:

  • Rupture: T1 Abyssal Rupture
  • Omen: T1 Abyssal Omen
  • Caracal: T1 Abyssal Caracal
  • Vexor: T1 Abyssal Vexor

Don’t forget that you can find all these fits - and many others - in the Fitting section of your NEOCOM!

Expand your EVE Knowledge

If you’re still finding your feet in New Eden and have other questions, make sure you head over to the newly-revamped EVE Academy.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about preparing for this new content, as well as the many other rewarding challenges you’ll encounter in EVE!