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Your SKINR Experience Improved

2024-07-11 - By EVE Online Team
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Colorful capsuleers,

The Equinox expansion introduced the first iteration of SKINR for ships, ushering in a new, creative era in New Eden. Today your spaceship artistry gets an update, with new improvements and enhancements coming to the powerful personalization tool. Both in response to your valuable feedback and as part of the phased rollout of SKINR, these updates elevate the design and sequencing experience, allowing you to specialize further as a designer and expand your creative capabilities.

Unlock Your Design Potential

The new update introduces two new skills – Studio Management and Advanced Studio Management – which allow you to save up to 125 designs when fully trained. These powerful skills enable you to build and manage a comprehensive design portfolio, providing the flexibility and capacity needed to take your SKIN creations to unprecedented heights and establishing yourself as a premier designer in New Eden.

Refined Designs

The design process has been made more intuitive, efficient and enjoyable, with the added ability to filter materials by finish type (matte, satin, or gloss), significantly simplifying the process of finding exactly what you need. Additionally, you will now see the sequence time displayed prior to finalizing your design, giving you better oversight and control over your creative process.

Stock Up to be Unstoppable

Shopping for design components at the Paragon Hub has also been streamlined. You can quickly expand your stock of design elements by purchasing multiple stacks of a specific component in one go. The hull name is now also displayed when clicking on a SKIN in the hub, ensuring you always select the correct item for your specific needs.

Sequencing & Selling Supercharged

The processes involved in sequencing and selling your SKINs have been optimized for greater clarity and convenience. Once you’ve finished designing your masterpiece, the button will now read “Finalize Design,” instead of “Sequence,” and once clicked it will present you with a detailed list of the components used and price breakdown. From there, you can start the sequencing process by clicking “Create SKIN.” Furthermore, you can now share your sequenced SKIN listings through chat, making the process of sharing and selling your creations easier, simpler and more transparent.

Ongoing Improvements

This release is an important step forward for SKINR and the Paragon Hub, introducing numerous quality-of-life updates and bug fixes to enhance the overall experience. From refined UI elements to streamlined processes, these enhancements aim to ensure that time spent in the design studio is as enjoyable and productive as possible. But this is only the beginning. Upcoming updates will bring even more improvements, pushing the boundaries of what capsuleers can achieve in space. Your interest and patience is greatly appreciated, and your valuable feedback will inform further enhancements planned over the summer and beyond, improving on the tools that will bring your unique hues to New Eden.

Fly safe.


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