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You're invited to a PvP Party!

2021-06-03 - By EVE Online Team

Combative Capsuleers,

Nearly 10 years ago on 22 July 2011, Red Vs Blue gathered up its first Ganked fleet and flew into the cold vastness of New Eden looking for fights.

After being a successful and popular RVB staple event for many years, Ganked was eventually inherited by Spectre Fleet, and now after nearly 10 years of weekly public fleets, Ganked is about to hit key milestone: GANKED 500!

To commemorate this momentous occasion Spectre Fleet is putting together a collaboration event with several of New Eden's fantastic NPSI groups, including but not limited to:

  • Redemption Road
  • Bombers Bar
  • Spectre Fleet
  • Red Vs Blue
  • Fun Inc
  • Yarrr

AND bringing together legendary EVE Online Fleet Commanders such as:

  • Greygal (Redemption Road)
  • Virion Stoneshard (Spectre Fleet)
  • Damian Blackie and Anhees Tsasa (Bombers Bar)
  • Muon Neutrino (Yarrr)
  • Keacte (Fun Inc)

This special event will be taking place on Saturday 5 June at 18:00 UTC. It will also be streamed live on CCPTV so if you can't show up in person you can still tune in to watch the explosions!

Fleets will be marshalling in Jita and while the fleets form up Virion Stoneshard will regale us with Spectre Fleet's history.

For details about voice comms, fleet doctrines/ship fittings and any other info you'll find it all on Spectre Fleet Discord.

Spectre Fleet is supplying 50 billion worth in prizes and explodables, with several organised (and disorganised!) fights planned with good friends from around New Eden. CCP developers, GMs and ISD will also be joining NPSI fleets to fly alongside you!

Everyone is invited to join regardless of skill level, so fleet up and join the celebration!

Spectre fleet's Website:


Ingame channel: 'SF Spectre Fleet'