Gallente Federation Day | EVE Online

16-28 June

Gallente Federation Day

Daily rewards, events & more!

Event Details

Gallente Federation Day returns with new events and rewards.

  • Daily log-in rewards
  • Celebratory Parades across New Eden
  • Grand Prix Races
  • Mining Blitzes and seasonal challenges
  • Special skins from the New Eden Store


Log in and undock between 16-28 June!

  • Visit Gallente Federation space to enjoy the warp speed bonus and see the parades!
  • Head to the Luminaire system any time to start a race across New Eden from the Grand Prix starting line.
  • Join the player-organized party in Luminaire on June 25th starting at 18:00 UTC.
  • Log in for at least eight days over the event to collect all the free gifts!

Reap the rewards

In addition to the lucrative rewards of completing sites, here’s just a sample of the gifts you’ll get by logging in!

Gallente Federation Day Expert System

Quafe Zero Green Apple

Luminaire Zenith Tristan SKIN

Luminaire Zenith Megathron SKIN

Skill Points – 10.000

Skill Points – 15.000

Afterburner Pack

Get event apparel, Skill Points, Omega and more with the ideal pack for Federation Day first-timers

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See you at the celebrations!