Gallente Federation Day | EVE Online

16-28 June

Gallente Federation Day

Daily rewards, events & more!

Event Details

Gallente Federation Day returns with new events and rewards.

  • Daily log-in rewards
  • Celebratory Parades across New Eden
  • Grand Prix Races
  • Mining Blitzes and seasonal challenges
  • Special skins from the New Eden Store


Log in and undock between 16-28 June!

  • Visit Gallente Federation space to enjoy the warp speed bonus and see the parades!
  • Head to the Luminaire system any time to start a race across New Eden from the Grand Prix starting line.
  • Join the player-organized party in Luminaire on June 25th starting at 18:00 UTC.
  • Log in for at least eight days over the event to collect all the free gifts!

Reap the rewards

In addition to the lucrative rewards of completing sites, here’s just a sample of the gifts you’ll get by logging in!

Gallente Federation Day Expert System

Quafe Zero Green Apple

Luminaire Zenith Tristan SKIN

Luminaire Zenith Megathron SKIN

Afterburner Pack

Get event apparel, Skill Points, Omega and more with the ideal pack for Federation Day first-timers

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See you at the celebrations!