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Equinox Sale: PLEX for Less

2024-06-13 - By EVE Online Team

Creative capsuleers,

The Equinox expansion is out now, with a plethora of new opportunities for wealth accumulation, power consolidation, and the shaping of sovereign space. For a limited time, capsuleers can save up to a whopping 30% on PLEX packages – that’s the deepest PLEX discount ever! You can spend your PLEX to create and sequence amazing SKINs for your fleet or organizations in the SKINR tool, or to make purchases in the NES or the new Paragon Hub.

From now until 23:59 UTC on 19 June you can get these amazing deals in the store:

  • 1,000 PLEX - 25% discount

  • 1,500 PLEX - 25% discount

  • 3,000 PLEX - 28% discount

  • 6,000 PLEX - 28% discount

  • 12,000 PLEX - 30% discount

  • 20,000 PLEX - 30% discount

Now is the chance to start your design empire, shape sovereign space to your image, or simply build your war chest, with your new cache of PLEX. Make sure you take advantage of these amazing discounts before it’s too late.