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ISD Needs YOU!

2020-11-25 - By CCP Dopamine

Dear Capsuleers,

Do you want to participate in EVE Online more concretely, to bring your knowledge to those who need it, or just share your passion for EVE with other people of the same mindset?

We are looking for multilingual ISD volunteers to join our ISD teams!

What the ISD program?

The Interstellar Services Department – or ISD - is a team of volunteers who give their free time to help with various tasks around CCP and EVE, such as moderating the forums, help channels and Twitch during our livestreams, as well as assisting with diverse and varied translations. You can learn more about the ISD program on the official page.

STAR team:

STAR is the branch of the volunteer program that helps with player support. They specialize in helping players, new and old with any questions or problems they may have. They appear frequently in Rookie Help channels and in others, answering gameplay questions and helping maintain various conversations. You can also join our wonderful Twitch moderation team!

LOC team:

The LOC team provides volunteer support for the EVE Online localization department across various community projects. If you are a linguist or a communicator at heart and want to make EVE Online more accessible to players in your language, this team is for you!

What should I expect when I enroll?

The ISD program allows players with good knowledge of EVE Online to spend some time on various projects related to the game. If you fancy lending a hand in the help channel, or assisting with translating or reviewing extra documentation or blogs on certain issues, or just to help us spot issues in-game in your language, then the ISD program is for you!

What are the prerequisites to becoming a voluntary ISD?

  • You are native speaker in one of the officially supported languages but are also fluent in English.
  • You have a good knowledge of EVE Online and the universe of the game.
  • You are more than 18 years old.
  • You have an active EVE Online account.
  • You are willing to sign an NDA with CCP Games.

How do I register?

It's simple, you just have to click on this link and fill out the registration form. Once you have applied, your application will be processed internally, and for the LOC team, you will be sent a translation test to assess your level. If your profile is accepted, you will have a quick chat with the ISD LOC lead and will join our ranks!

For STAR, you will hear back from us as soon as your application is processed!

The history of EVE Online applicants will also be checked. Applicants who have passed the test successfully will sign the ISD operating conditions and a confidentiality clause.

We look forward to working with you on EVE Online!